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Aggressive strategy (maxi-maxi)

Strategia agresywna (maxi-maxi)

Acceptance of an aggressive strategy should be considered in a situation, when the performed analysis suggests that opportunities prevail in the business environment, and strong sides inside the company. Therefore, the enterprise is in the most advantageous positions. The aggressive strategy consists in maximal usage of opportunities and strong side to develop dynamically.

Assets of the company present in specific spheres may be used, because the environment provides occasions for such actions. A degree, to which such assets are used need to be increased in relation to advantageous conditions of the environment. A key to success is strong expansion and diversified development.

Within the aggressive strategy, you may consider the following conduct:

  • catching occasions – seek opportunities, chances, which will allow an organization to develop. You use the strong sides that you business has at its disposal. Thanks to the fact that the organization is strong (e.g. it has significant financial resources), it may use numerous occasions, which will not be used by competition. It is mistakenly believed that occasion is something awaited passively. Your organization has opportunities, so look for occasions on your own, until this advantageous process lasts;

  • taking over similar companies – competition is what threatens a company. Competitors may manufacture the same products as you or their substitutes, they may also provide services connected with them. Look for organizations that may pose a threat. If they are in a weaker position than your company, you may use it and take such an enterprise over;

  • concentration of resources on the best products – it is not a secret that only a part of products, which are sold by a company, provides it with the biggest profit. The remaining pose just an addition in terms of profit. V. Pareto claimed that 20% of the business activity generates 80% of profit. If you have products that provide significant competitive advantage, and demand for them is not great, focus your actions on those products. It will have a positive effect that the less significant products will not occupy your time, which you would use with higher benefits;

  • strengthening position on the market – use the positive situation, which you company is in, to strengthen its position on the market. This is the best time to do it because a positive situation does not last forever. Environment changes, your company changes, so do not leave alpha on the table, as competition will surely use such a step.


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