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Aggressive strategy (maxi-maxi)

Strategia agresywna (maxi-maxi)

Acceptance of an aggressive strategy should be considered in a situation, when the performed analysis suggests that opportunities prevail in the business environment, and strong sides inside the company. Therefore, the enterprise is in the most advantageous positions. The aggressive strategy consists in maximal usage of opportunities and strong side to develop dynamically.
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SWOT analysis diagram

While getting familiar with the SWOT analysis you probably found out that it is presented in a form of a diagram, where subsequent strong and weak sides, opportunities and threats are written down in four fields. It is probable that it was enough for somebody, so it was not translated into a strategy. In my opinion, it lowers the value of the analysis, but it can also be useful, if you approach it scrupulously and conscientiously.
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Identification of opportunities and threats

Each organization operates in a particular environment. Environment of the organization embraces external factors that influence or that may influence its operation. The environmental factors comprise of cooperators, competitors, entities shaping principles on the market, but also change of lifestyle of technological progress.

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Identification of strengths and weaknesses

A key meaning for shaping a strategy of an enterprise is born by its material and non-material assets, their size and structure, as well as opportunities of acquiring them. The group of material assets embraces: machines, devices, raw material for production, products, etc. When it comes to non-material assets, these group comprises of: knowledge and experience of employees, trust of customers, brand and qualifications of the managing personnel.

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Evaluation of a strategic position

The SWOT analysis may be completed upon choosing strong and weak sides, opportunities and threats that fit into the diagram (the SWOT analysis is often presented in this form). However, its full usefulness will be revealed only when you already use results of the analysis to determine a strategic position of a company and choose the strategy.

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SWOT analysis – definition

The SWOT analysis belongs to the most often applied methods of strategic analysis of an enterprise (other popular methods embrace: SPACE analysis, ASTRA method). It can be applied universally, as it simultaneously serves analysis of macro-surrounding, competitive environment and evaluation of strategic potential of an enterprise.
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