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Evaluation of variants of strategy

Sometimes there is a situation, when results of several various strategies are similar or there are just insignificant differences. Then, it is advisable to apply a comparative analysis in case of particular variants. If you are not sure about the variant of your choice, you can also evaluate and verify all possibilities.

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Defensive strategy (mini-mini)

Strategia defensywna (mini-mini)

A defensive strategy is taken up in the least advantageous situation. The organization operates in an unfavorable environment, and additionally the internal threats are strengthened by internal weaknesses of the company. You need to try to minimize weaknesses and threats. It is very difficult because a company does not have any strong sides or opportunities, which could be used here.

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Aggressive strategy (maxi-maxi)

Strategia agresywna (maxi-maxi)

Acceptance of an aggressive strategy should be considered in a situation, when the performed analysis suggests that opportunities prevail in the business environment, and strong sides inside the company. Therefore, the enterprise is in the most advantageous positions. The aggressive strategy consists in maximal usage of opportunities and strong side to develop dynamically.
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