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SWOT Analysis of “Pefredo” Hair Salon – example

Hair salon – a place offering services related to hair care and styling. In a hair salon, specialists called hairdressers work, who possess knowledge and skills in the field of hair cutting, coloring, straightening, and styling. Customers can take advantage of various services such as men’s and women’s haircuts, coloring, balayage, highlights, keratin straightening, updos, and many others. Hair salons can be run by a single hairdresser or by a team of specialists. They can have different sizes and offers, from small salons with a few stations to large salons with several hairdressers and offering more advanced hair care and cosmetic services. On the other hand, a SWOT analysis of a hair salon is a tool for identifying strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats associated with running a business in the hairdressing industry.
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