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7 reasons why it’s worth running a holiday resort

In July and August 2021 alone, 1.7 million tourists stayed in accommodation facilities located in seaside areas. And this is not the only place where it is worth opening a holiday resort.

A holiday resort is a place that offers various forms of leisure and recreation for guests. It can be an option for holidays, weekend getaways or longer stays. Holiday resorts usually offer accommodation, meals, and various attractions such as pools, tennis courts, gyms, spas, saunas, playgrounds, sports equipment rentals, etc. Holiday resorts are often located in picturesque areas, near lakes, seas, mountains or other attractive places, which further attract tourists and guests.
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SWOT TOWS Analysis of the Jaspis Resort

Are you preparing a SWOT TOWS analysis for a resort? This article provides a complete example of a SWOT analysis, including a description of the analyzed company, an assessment of the factors, an evaluation for each of the strategy options, and a description of the further action plan. You can find the process of creating a SWOT TOWS analysis and the structure of the document for free on the website in the article SWOT/TOWS Strategic Analysis Step by Step. The following SWOT TOWS analysis example was created based on the guidelines provided there.
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